Beasts of Improvisation, WED 3/21/12

Beasts of Improvisation
Wednesday, March 21, 2012
756 Chapel St
New Haven, CT

A concert series featuring composer-performers and improvisers. With special guest from Switzerland, saxophonist Christian Kobi!

Christian will present a new piece, “untitled #2,” for amplified soprano saxophone. The piece was developed in Budapest between summer and winter 2011. It explores the non-understanding of a language, the inner search for articulation, and the microscopic examination of voice, air, and the instrument. “untitled #2″ is the second part of a solo saxophone trilogy, following the 2010 piece “Canto.”

This will be followed by a PARADE of improvisors from near and far, performing spontaneously composed music:

Christian Kobi: soprano sax
Paul McGuire: soprano and alto sax
Barry Seroff: flute
Jeffrey Young: violin
Nathan Bontrager: cello
Carl Testa: bass

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