Moonrises, DJ Jahoctopus, MON 4/9/12

Moonrises w/ Ham Radio Operator, DJ Jahoctopus

Monday, April 9 @ 8:30PM
756 Chapel Street
New Haven, Conn


Steve Krakow is a Chicago-based illustrator and writer, avant-garde musician, music historian and impresario. He is the editor of Drag City-published magazine Galactic Zoo Dossier, eponymous frontman for Plastic Crimewave Sound, founder of the Million Tongues Festival, and Vision Celestial Guitarkestra. He writes and illustrates the Secret History of Chicago Music newspaper column in the Chicago Reader and co-hosts WGN-AM’s Secret History of Chicago Music series. He runs Drag City imprint label, Galactic Zoo Disk.
He is also a member of Moonrises.

Ham Radio Operator
Local super group featuring Mark Geist (ex-Smooth Medusa), Kevin Wigginton (Sea of Bones, Tomb and Thirst), Phil Law (Old Man Lady Luck, Bloarzeyd), Steve Ross (Tomb and Thirst), and David Lutz (Tomb and Thirst)

DJ Jahoctopus
Known to many in the area for his incredible concert poster artwork, Jahoctopus (AKA Christian Dimenna from Lovecraft Tattoo) will spin the finest available in wax. Arrive early, melt away…

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